Customer Engagement Agency

Before Jim, 89 Degrees had zero market awareness and received very few inbound sales requests (information, RFPs, etc.). After working with Jim over a 12 month period, the company’s business scaled to:

  • 15 sales presentations a month
  • 2-3 active proposals in development at all times
  • $6 million in new revenues booked (9 new clients on a client base of 15)

Our press hits were tracked and reported by Jim -we tracked web site traffic as a result of his work (which jumped significantly) and leads that originated from press/PR (about 35%). Each year he increased impressions, articles read and web traffic. Jim was approximately 30% of our annual marketing expenditures. He provided an excellent ROI on our marketing investment.

Arthur Sweetser, VP Sales & Marketing (now VP Marketing at Evergage)