Email Marketing

We worked with Jim to create an edu-series that would drive people to a white paper or landing page where we then catch them further with ongoing emails and ongoing remarketer ads. It is an indirect nurturing education campaign that has run for over one year, and we add approximately 5000 new click- throughs or better each month. Our overall traffic is up 50%. A great deal of that is remarketer clicks which initiated from press releases and other first contact efforts. Jim is the key driver in this success.

Jim creates the edu-series and then converts them into our blogs which are posted socially and promoted on Facebook link ads. These average a click through rate similar to Google ad words, which in turn puts those new viewers onto our remarketer train. Facebook does not create as many direct sign-ups for product as google PPC ads do. But we do have a large list we have curated from the edu-series who are still opening up our emails, reading our papers and responding to our remarketer. So this list is getting what we wanted it to have: ongoing information in our industry on key ROI topics they need to know about.

We are in a highly competitive and noisy space full of white papers, webinars and how-to’s. Building a list and then providing an easy to understand and useful edu-series that gets read has been key for us. Jim has studied the market, created the content and presented it in a conversational, accessible style that that pulls readers into our network. He is a go-to resource that we value highly.

–Karan Eriksson, StreamSend VP Marketing